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April 19, 2019

Slow-motion Caracal ear-flap - GIF on Imgur thumbnail
« The Caracal uses 20 muscles in 3 distinct groups to control each of its ears. They act as parabolic sound antennas & the long tufts at the tips are thought to enhance their hearing by funneling sounds into the ears » (
Days since last facebook scandal
A Toulouse, 5 000 personnes sont sans domicile fixe
« A mettre en parallèle avec :

- les 500 000€ de dons de la ville de Toulouse
- les 500 000€ de dons de la Métropole de Toulouse
- les 1M€ de dons du département de H. Garonne
- les 1,5M€ de dons de la région Occitanie pour Notre Dame de Paris.

Le tout en moins de 48h. » (
Humanoid History - Tumblr
« Moebius art on the cover of the user guide for the Matra Alice computer from France, first sold in 1983 »
Mr. Meowgi sur Twitter : "Small friendly gremlin… "
Wow! This Artist Ingeniously Recreates Movie Scenes Shot In London | Londonist
The Art of Vanessa Palmer
« Discover The Art of Vanessa Palmer, a Concept Artist and Illustrator currently working at WB Games/Avalanche. »