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May 30, 2020

Minneapolis Bus Drivers Refuse to Cooperate with Cops | Left Voice
« Amidst widespread protesting in Minneapolis over the murder of George Floyd, some Minneapolis bus drivers are refusing to help cops. They will not use their buses to transport protesters to jail. Other labor sectors should follow suit and must strike against police terror and violence. »

« NYPD commandeered a city bus for prisoner transport. The driver steps off the bus and refuses to drive it. Crowd cheering »
Kat Bee sur Twitter : "There will be a protest today at 3pm near Shibuya station against police brutality in Japan, prompted by the aggressive and unlawful detainment of a foreign resident earlier this week near Hiroo."
tracy jumps to put jeans on sur Twitter : "black people riot when their anger over being murdered and oppressed reaches a boiling point. here are some fun reasons why white people have rioted :"
« their sports team loses

their sports team wins

their sports team's coach leaves to coach somewhere else

they were told they couldnt party anymore


they dont like straw hats

because their sports coach left after he covered up child molestation


woodstock 99 was too fun i guess?

cabbage patch kids

decided they hate disco

black people wanted educations

& most glaringly of all, because black people were prospering and doing just fine without them. »
Molly Crabapple🇵🇷 sur Twitter : "The NYPD beating protesters at Barclays"
Je suis assez étonné que leurs flics ne soient pas aussi "robocopisé" comme les nôtres. Ils sont en petites manches quand même.
D'ailleurs ya quelques jours j'ai vu quelqu'un sur Twitter parler de "police in riot gear" ( ) et ça se résume à chemisette, casque, matraque et bombe lacrymo.

On sait bien que c'est pas normal de voir tous ces robocops à nos manifs, mais là ça me choque encore plus.

EDIT : Je suis évidemment pas en train de dire que des flics en chemisette qui tabassent des manifestants devraient être la norme hein. Acab, abolition de la police, toussa toussa

EDIT² : Ouais en fait, ils ont aussi des robocop
darius. sur Twitter : "a protest with permission is a parade, y’all."
Colin Kaepernick Offers to Pay for Lawyers for People Protesting in Minneapolis - WSJ